Florida Lotto Double Play Numbers

These are the latest live Florida Lotto Double Play results, including past numbers from the last six draws. Click the "View Prize Payout" link underneath the latest numbers to see the a breakdown of prizes and winners for this draw.

Double Play is an option that players can add to their Florida Lotto ticket for an extra $1 per play for the chance to win up to $250,000.

The Double Play draw is held immediately after the Florida Lotto draw, which takes place at 11:15 pm EST every Wednesday and Saturday night.

Saturday September 23rd 2023
1 7 12 15 44 50
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Next Jackpot
Wednesday September 20th 2023
3 10 35 37 46 52

Saturday September 16th 2023
2 21 31 33 38 45

Wednesday September 13th 2023
2 3 5 14 24 26

Saturday September 9th 2023
1 15 18 24 36 53

Wednesday September 6th 2023
17 33 38 44 46 48

Saturday September 2nd 2023
3 5 6 14 24 43

Playing Florida Lotto Double Play

With the Double Play add-on, Lotto players can win great cash prizes in addition to the regular Lotto draw prizes. Double Play is not a standalone game and can only be played in conjunction with a Lotto ticket purchase.

There's no need to choose any new numbers - the existing Lotto numbers on the ticket are used to match the winning Double Play numbers. To win the top prize, match all six Double Play numbers drawn.

Match three, four, or five numbers and your win will be increased up to 10 times by the multiplier number that prints on each ticket

Match two numbers and you'll receive a complimentary Lotto with Double Play Quick Pick ticket good for the next draw.

Check the “FL Lotto Odds of Winning” to see the chances of winning a prize on Lotto, Double Play, and the EZmatch add-on.

Visit the “Payout” page to view live payouts from the previous Double Play draw, including with the prize amount per winner at each prize tier, the number of winning tickets, plus total prize fund value.