Jackpot Triple Play Numbers

The Live Jackpot Triple Play Numbers for Florida are shown below along with the estimated jackpot and cash lump sum for the next draw.

If your location allows you to play Jackpot Triple Play online, then there will also be a "play" button.

Beneath that you will find the past results from the last six draws of this FL lottery game.

Friday September 22nd 2023
1 6 10 20 41 43

Next Estimated Jackpot
Tuesday September 19th 2023
5 8 11 17 41 44

Friday September 15th 2023
1 2 6 17 27 41

Tuesday September 12th 2023
4 6 21 26 29 41

Friday September 8th 2023
10 12 27 28 34 44

Tuesday September 5th 2023
5 19 27 32 35 41

Friday September 1st 2023
1 5 11 14 39 44

Playing Jackpot Triple Play

A mechanical machine randomly selects six numbers on every draw, and players have to match as many numbers on their ticket as possible.

The starting jackpot for the Jackpot Triple Play is $500,000, which then rolls over every draw until their is a jackpot winner. The cap on the jackpot is $2 million, and if the jackpot has still not been won then additional prize money rolls down to the lower tiers until there is a jackpot winner.

At $1 per ticket for three lines of play, you have good odds of winning something. For line number one you pick six numbers from 1 - 46 (or use Quick Pick for a random selection of numbers). For lines number two and three you are given two sets of six numbers from Quick Pick.

You can mark the number of consecutive draws you would like to play in the future if you want to use the same numbers again. You can play up to 30 more times by marking the Advance Play section on your ticket.

Tickets must be purchased before 10:40 pm on the draw nights of Tuesday and Friday or your ticket simply gets entered into the next draw. Draws take place at 11:15 pm ET on these nights.

Winning the Jackpot

Winning the Triple Play Jackpot is easy - just match all six numbers drawn to those on your ticket! You have three chances to win though, as each ticket comes with three lines of numbers and you only need three numbers to win a cash prize.

Players have the option of claiming Triple Play jackpot prizes as an annuity or a cash lump sum, with all prizes being parimutuel, meaning all prize money is pooled and shared equally according to tier level of the eligible prize.